Success Lessons from an Olympian

Episode 93 with Ian Warner

As a former Olympic sprinter, Ian Warner understands what it takes to compete at the highest level. Now he’s turned his focus to conquering the business world.

Ian is an Olympic athlete, self-published author, an avid reader, and the Founder of Kho Labs, which is a mobile technology that connects injured athletes with local health care providers. He ran track in the 2012 Olympics in London for team Canada. In the same year that he launched his app, Ian managed to read over 100 books.

In this episode, Ian teaches us how to pursue success like an Olympian. Topics we cover include:
  • Why Ian wakes up at 3:10 AM every day
  • What he learner competing at the highest level of his sport
  • How he transitioned from sports to business
  • What he learned reading over 100 books in 2017
  • The importance of consistency


Follow Ian on Twitter and Instagram @ianwarner310.

Check out Kho Labs at or download the app from the Apple Store. Or check them out on Twitter and Instagram @kho_labs.

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