Lessons from Olympic Gold Medal Winning Executive Chef

Episode 79 with Chef Charles Carroll

Chef Charles Carroll is not only the Executive Chef at one of the highest rated country clubs in the country, but also an author, Culinary Olympic gold medalist, and past President of the World Association of Chefs Society.  Chef Carroll takes pride in mentoring students, for which he has written the award-winning “Leadership  Lessons from a Chef, Finding Time to be Great” and “Tasting Success, Your Guide to Becoming a Professional  Chef”. His 3rd book, “The Recipe” (co-authored by John David Mann who was on episode 75) just hit shelves this past weekend.

In this episode, we dive into his epic experiences, including his first Culinary Olympic gold medal at age 24, his strategy of building teams of up to 75 staff members, and the life lessons he’s learned along his journey.


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