Billionaire Serial Entrepreneur (Priceline, uBid, ColorJar) Jeff Hoffman Shares the Keys to Millennials’ Success

Episode 25 w/ Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman on the Millennial Mastermind Podcast

Today, I am very excited to be able to share a conversation I had with a successful and inspiring serial entrepreneur, Jeff Hoffman. To set the stage for what level Jeff is on, in talking with him after we recorded this episode, he casually mentioned that he was flying to Mexico in a few days to host an event with Richard Branson… Yeah, he’s the real deal.

It could take me a full episode to give all of the details of Jeff’s bio, so here’s the abridged version. Jeff is a:

– successful entrepreneur
– proven CEO (public and private companies)
– worldwide motivational speaker
– published author
– Hollywood film producer
– producer of a Grammy-winning jazz album
– board member for numerous companies
– founder of 8 different companies, most note notably involved with

He now spends a lot of his time traveling around the world to mentor up and coming entrepreneurs. Jeff is very generous with his time, as he proved by agreeing to meet up with me in person to record this episode. We recorded this one in a coffee shop, so you can hear the background noise and ambiance as if you were sitting right there next to us.


Jeff’s Ted Talk ‘The Power of Wonder’
Jeff on LinkedIn
Jeff on Twitter

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